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Exhibition Date: April 14, 2023

Location: 1145 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Featuring: artists from ONBD & Artcrush

Shlumper; Spirit Snacks installation view; Acrylic on wood panel on canvas; Total installation size 37' 6"

“I Prompt, Therefore I Am” is a group exhibition and party featuring physical, immersive installations from ONBD’s artist collective, including works from Shlumper, Yasuo Nomura, Nao Kondo, and Shinji Murakami. The exhibition will also showcase selected digital works from the “City Pop” open call and projections of works by renowned international NFT artists from the inaugural Artcrush World Tour (listed below,) which will also be shown on the billboards in Times Square during NFT NYC. The AR wall mural will be on view starting April 11. The event takes place on Friday to celebrate the closing of NFT NYC, with sound by Discokid.

Installation shot of Shlumper works by Miki Yamato
(left) Shlumper in front of his wall mural (right) visitor trying Shlumper’s AR, both images by Miki Yamato
(left) Nao Kondo with her NEU robot, (right) NEU in front of Shlumper installation, both images by Miki Yamato
(left) Yasuo Nomura PION installation (right) PION and Shlumper installation, both images by Miki Yamato

Drink Sponsor: Whiner Beer Co. / Brooklyn Kura / Robert Murphy

Whiner Beer & Brooklyn Kura with video installation from “City Pop” in the background, image by Miki Yamato

About the exhibition:

Welcome to “I Prompt, Therefore I Am,” an exhibition that delves into the evolving relationship between creativity and machine thinking in the modern world. As our lives become more intertwined with technology, we question what it means to be creative and how we can harness the power of machines to enhance our artistic expression. Through a range of works in new media, algorithms, digital art, conceptualism, energy, dimensions, and perspectives, this exhibition invites you to explore the complex interplay between human creativity and the capabilities of artificial intelligence. From provocative digital installations to immersive audiovisual experiences, “I Prompt Therefore I Am” challenges you to contemplate the future of art and its relationship with technology. Don’t miss this thought-provoking exhibition that blurs the boundaries between human and machine creativity.

(top) installation shot, (bottom left) exterior with car installation by Yasuo Nomura, (bottom right) fluffy visitor in front of Shlumper installation, all images by Miki Yamato
Video footage by David Bates Jr.

City Pop” open call selected artists on view —
Alex Deer / ANIMÆ / mamaralic / Ōishi Kaijū / Carolina Patricia / YO-CO / Reri / Nygilia/ Ann Chou / Thorium / SouthernFried / Shimizu Wakako / Dantrix / Choen Lee / Qiao Muzi / Hiroki Otsuka / Nico Sun / Aoyoko / TENTENDOU / naozo / 𝑱𝒖𝒏-𝑲𝒐𝒎𝒂𝒕𝒂𝒏𝒊 / YAMA / ThisisaRobot / Tiger Cai / PapaBearded / Roots of Vanadis / Pondering / Fumeiji / MørkNingen / guruguruhyena / Yomu Yakadashi / Gokusai

(top left) Choen Lee, (top right) Thorium, (lower left) YO-CO, (lower right) ThisIsaRobot, all images of video stills from “City Pop” taken by Tiger Cai

We are thrilled to have Artcrush as our partner for this special occasion. They will be exhibiting selected works from ONBD artists on digital signages in the vicinity for the evening, as well as showcasing them in Manhattan during NFT NYC. We are grateful for their support and collaboration in bringing these incredible works to a wider audience.

From left to right, ONBD founders Eva Ren, Dan Chen, Masako Shiba with Artcrush Gallery founder Mathieu France, image by Miki Yamato
(left) Stwwwts, (middle) mysteriovision, (right) Resatio, all images taken by Eva Ren
(left) Kyle Gordon, (middle) Ykha Amelz, (right) Riniifish, all images taken by Eva Ren
Image of Artcrush Gallery World Tour Sseason 1, NYC

More on Artcrush here

Artcrush Gallery, World Tour, Season 1 artists include:
Trevor Jones
Dolce Paganne
Laurent Castellani
Michael Kutsche
Sasha Stiles
Mr Richi
Cem Hasimu
Jake Fried
Reuben Wu
Gabe Weis
Richard Nadler
Tania Rivilis
Jenni Pasanen
Arne Spangereid
Nicolas Bets
Shavonne Wong
Farrah Carbonell
Bloo Woods
Lisa Fogarty
Theo Chronis
Max Taquet
Negar Sepehraeen
Anna Condo
GT Sewell
Mr Misang

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