Exhibition | She/Her

2 min readJun 17, 2022


Drop Date: May 5th, 2022

Platform: JPG

Visit: https://jpg.space/ONBD/exhibition/She%2FHer?slide=0

ONBD is pleased to present She/Her, an NFT exhibition that celebrates female creatives in the Web3 world. It goes without saying that while there is abundance of female imagery in the NFT space, much of it is comprised of male centric views of idealized female representation. There is still a significant lack of representation by women in the crypto industry at large. As a majority female founded NFT company, it is part of our core mission to give a voice to women and minority artists and creators.

For She/Her, we have assembled a group of artists who take risks through creative expressions in the metaverse. As women, each of them must navigate various gendered social constraints in order to have their practice and their art be recognized. Despite these challenges, they have found their own unique voice as Web3 artists, and we are thrilled to be able to bring them all together for this exhibition.


Destroy Patriarchy, by Nueps twitter.com/nueps_

Protoplasm 01 — Embryo, by Cheesetalk mobile.twitter.com/sunyuqian1997

Protoplasm 02 — Tearing, by Cheesetalk mobile.twitter.com/sunyuqian1997

Huozhu, Real Girlfriend, by Pearlyn mobile.twitter.com/pearlynpl

Extrusion Of Pacifier, by Ceren Su mobile.twitter.com/_Su_ceren

Sad Output, by Ceren Su mobile.twitter.com/_Su_ceren

Heart Throb / M7 Planet, by Riniifish mobile.twitter.com/riniifish

Brain Spicy, by Riniifish mobile.twitter.com/riniifish

The Wrong Holiday, by NATKINS mobile.twitter.com/NicoleAtkins

Grief Syndrome, by LEFT mobile.twitter.com/iloveleft

Natural Cure, by LEFT mobile.twitter.com/iloveleft

Ascension, by Kelly Hsiao twitter.com/seaalchemyart and Audrey Billups twitter.com/audra_thewild

Castoff Skin, by Ai Makita mobile.twitter.com/lovechang




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