Welcome to ONBD

2 min readApr 29, 2022


New York, 27 April 2022 — ONBD is a curatorial brand and incubator focused on discovering, conceptualizing and realizing NFT projects. We are facilitators, providing education and support to traditional artists and creators to bring them into the NFT space. We are part of a strong community of artists, creators, and collectors who are committed to creating social impact, and we collaborate with crypto-native and traditional artists alike to produce groundbreaking, meaningful projects.

ONBD believes in the long lasting potential of NFTs to fundamentally change the way art is created, collected, and experienced. We work hand-in-hand with artists to conceptualize and produce art projects that are tailored to the NFT space. With a dynamic team that is both crypto-native and well-established in the traditional art world, ONBD acts as a bridge between these worlds, building a creative community that exists across both spaces.

Rather than try and replicate the traditional art world in a digital format, ONBD is excited to create a more inclusive, global landscape within this new paradigm. We focus on projects that can affect real-world social impact, and part of our core mission is to promote diversity in Web3 — artists of color, female artists, LGBTQ artists and artists from emerging countries are at the forefront of our identity.

ONBD’s founding members are Eva Ren, Daniel Chen, and Masako Shiba.

For more information, visit on-bd.com

For press inquiries, email info@on-bd.com